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Cooking over fire is a unique experience and best approached with the right equipment. Argentinian Grills, or Parrilla Grills, as they are correctly termed are the best in the world (sometimes also referred to as Asado Grills or Gaucho Grills). We manufacture our own versions, especially for Sand Sherpa. And you can now buy your own and have a taste of Sand Sherpa in your own backyard.


The angled and grooved grilling platform draws away the fat from the meat and minimises flare-ups on the fire, while it can also be raised and lowered to maintain heat from the fire throughout the cooking process. Sear your meat with the flames or opt for a slower cook away from the heat.


Cooking over wood provides a unique flavour to the meat, as well as an event for your guests as they see and enjoy the fire and the cooking process first-hand.


Once the meal is over, your Sherpa Grill is an ideal firepit with the wood burning at eye level as you and your guests sit around the fire. We incorporate a fire guard to ensure that logs stay in place for those who prefer a larger fire.


Sherpa Grill customers also have access to our stockpile of Mesquite Tree wood that we harvest from across the UAE. See more details here. This is exclusive to Sand Sherpa and Sherpa Grill customers.



Sherpa Grill (Regular): W580 x D529 x H1350mm

Sherpa Grill XL (Double Grill): W1000 x D520 x H1350mm

Stainless steel throughout

GRILL 2024-3.JPG
Private Camp Set-Up - 33.jpeg


Manufactured to very high quality using aluminium frame, legs and chequer plate construction, our tables stand up to daily use in harsh environments and are both tough and very lightweight.


Our Sherpa Tables are great to use outdoors at home and when camping. Their metal construction makes them ideal bases for pizza ovens (no risk of melting) and they will serve you well for years to come, as well as being a talking point for those that use them.


These tables stow away flat with a profile of just 30mm as the legs fold away under the frame, which is great for storage in the garage or the car.


L1175 x W750 x H30mm (H770mm opened)


Approx. 10kg


Our custom-built off-road trailers are the ultimate in overlanding comfort, combining the best elements of camping and caravanning, going places where most exploration trailers cannot reach.


You can learn more about our best-selling Sherpa Gazelle XL here. This unique unit has 4-6 berths, pull-out kitchen, hot water shower, indoor and outdoor speakers, awning, pop-up rooftop penthouse suite tent and much more.


For off-road exploration with the ultimate in comfort, you can’t beat a camping trailer and ours are the best value in the business.

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