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Camping can be daunting and not everyone is comfortable venturing off-road and leaving basic creature comforts behind.


Sherpa Camp is based in the wilderness area of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve - a 225-square-kilometre area that has been protected for 23 years with very restricted access. Sand Sherpa is the only company permitted to operate a camp in this area. Adventurers stay in private locations throughout undulating dunes and amidst trees.


The very best camping trailers with rooftop tents and toilet and shower facilities are present at camp.




Half-day event (4 hours)



Overnight event


Camp overnight in Dubai’s exclusive national park

We can provide a transfer from any hotel or residence in Dubai, or meet adventurers at the entrance to the reserve.

During a scenic drive on our specially prepared track to camp, participants are encouraged to spot and identify desert life while a Sherpa Guide provides insight, commentary and guidance over hand-held radios.


Once at camp, each vehicle is assigned its own camping trailer equipped with a Sherpa Tent, utensils, camping accessories, sofa and dining set-up,  along with eight kilograms of mesquite wood. Toilet and shower facilities are just a short walk away.


Bush meals are prepared for campers, including salad, fire-cooked burgers and fresh oven-made pizza, while bedding is also ready in their tents.

Once the sun has set, you can relax and watch the flames or join your personal guide on a nature walk to spot animal tracks and maybe even a scorpion or two.


In the morning, your camp leader will take participants on a hawk walk through an ancient ghaf tree forest, where we identify tracks that have appeared overnight around the camp and everyone has a turn walking with, and flying, our trained bird of prey.



At Sand Sherpa, we aim to integrate and assimilate with nature and provide comfortable camping that makes minimal impact on the environment. 


Our rooftop tents are comfortable and airy, and we provide a ground sheet, duvet and comfortable pillows. We have bathrooms and showers and these are outdoor with an organic construction. 


But please don’t expect glamping. 

The trend to introduce hospitality concepts into the wilderness adds luxury and comfort to outdoor experiences. That has its place, but the concept brings civilization into natural habitats and creates a separation between people and the environment.

We are here to guide!

We adopt the name Sand Sherpa in tribute to the best guides in the world. Sherpas lead climbs of the world’s toughest peaks and they guide and assist, but adventurers are responsible for themselves. 

This is our aim at Sand Sherpa - we guide, educate and try our best to entertain. While we prepare food and drive our guests to and from camp, lead the nature walks and manage the camp, light fires and generally assist, adventurers are expected to enjoy the camp independently and enjoy a level of privacy and self-sufficiency while enjoying this unique experience. 



Sand Sherpa obtained special permission from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to ship in a fleet of Penman Trailers straight from ex-MoD stock. These are the roughest, toughest trailers, refurbished after 15 years of army service.


Further equipped with custom canopies built in South Africa by Alucab, these tents are kitted out with their very best camping equipment. Campers will find everything they need for a comfortable camping experience. These camping/expedition trailers have been more than a year in the making and the result is the ultimate in cool camping.


Each trailer is equipped with

  • Cooler

  • Recharging station 

  • Kitchen cupboard with utensils

  • Aluminium table

  • Chairs

  • Drawer system

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Sand Sherpa leads camping trip participants through adventurous but achievable routes even for novice off-roaders .


You’ll be guided off-road every step of the way. Expert drivers will assist in adjusting tyre pressure (deflation and inflation) and providing driving tips where required.


Once at the campsite, your custom-built camping trailer awaits with everything you need to enjoy an exceptional night's stay in the wilderness. 

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