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Camping can be daunting and not everyone is comfortable venturing off-road and leaving basic creature comforts behind.


Sherpa Camp is the only camping experience in the UAE that allows you to enter the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) in a Sherpa 4x4, or your own vehicle, under the expert guidance of Sand Sherpa's off-road experts.


The very best camping trailers with rooftop tents and first-class toilet and shower facilities are present at camp, located in an ancient ghaf tree forest.




Half-day event (4 hours)



Overnight event


Camp overnight in Dubai’s exclusive national park

We can provide a transfer from any hotel in Dubai, or meet adventurers at DDCR Margham Gate. Our lead guides will brief drivers on etiquette and techniques as we venture into the 225-square-kilometre protected area.


During a scenic drive on our specially prepared track to camp, participants are encouraged to spot and identify desert life while a Sherpa Guide provides insight, commentary and guidance over hand-held radios.


Once at camp, each vehicle is assigned its own camping trailer equipped with a Sherpa Tent, utensils, camping accessories, sofa, dining set-up, Sherpa Grill (bbq/firepit) along with eight kilograms of mesquite wood.


Our Sherpa Grills include a height-adjustable platform to perfectly cook over the locally sourced mesquite wood that we provide. The grilling element of your experience is a rewarding one and you’ll learn new skills and enjoy preparing a meal for you and your companions. We work with the best partners to bring you the finest meats and fresh ingredients, cooking on our fantastic Sherpa Grills.


Once the sun has set, you can relax and watch the flames or join your personal guide on a nature walk to spot animal tracks and maybe even a scorpion or two. First-class toilet and shower facilities are just a short walk away.


In the morning, your camp leader will take participants on a hawk walk through an ancient ghaf tree forest, where we identify tracks that have appeared overnight around the camp and everyone has a turn walking with, and flying, our trained bird of prey.



We believe in eating well at camp and approach every meal as a treat. In South Africa, a “braai” is a feast prepared over wood/coals and in Argentina, they invented the world’s best grills (Parrillas). We combine the very best of both at camp.


Choose from our standard menus or select from our full custom menu that includes everything from sausages to Tomahawk steaks. Your chosen ingredients will be ready for you in your camping fridge on arrival.


Our camp guides will be ready to advise you on how to make the most of your Sherpa Grill and assist in preparing the fire. The beauty of our grills is that you can start cooking almost immediately, so long as you’re sensible with the amount used, and adopt the highest platform setting.


Once you’ve finished cooking, the grill is also your firepit and you can enjoy the most wonderful fire and warmth right at eye level as you gather around it.


Dad and Kids & Mom and Kids Camps


We arrange Dad and Kids Camps on the first Friday of every month and Mother and Kids Camps on the last Friday of every month.


This is a very special camp designed for parents to spend quality bonding time with their children. Dinner is prepared by the Sherpa Guides in a central zone to allow as much time as possible for interaction between parents and children. Our menus include pizza and grilled meats, salads and vegetarian options.

Water is provided and we ask that participants bring along their preferred beverage selections and food for breakfast. Cereal and croissants with ham and cheese filling is our own recommendation for ease of preparation before/after your morning hawk walk.

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British Dads Camp - March 2022 - 22.jpeg


Yoga/Pilates Retreat

Sunset and sunrise yoga retreats take place on the second Friday of each month.


Our sunset session takes place on the highest dune next to camp with sweeping vistas of the nature reserve and the perfect place to witness one of Dubai’s most impressive sunsets. 


Our sunrise session is hosted in camp just as the sun creeps over the dunes and under the shade of the UAE national tree, an ancient ghaf.

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Sand Sherpa obtained special permission from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to ship in a fleet of Penman Trailers straight from ex-MoD stock. These are the roughest, toughest trailers, refurbished after 15 years of army service.


Further equipped with custom canopies built in South Africa by Alucab, these tents are kitted out with their very best camping equipment. Campers will find everything they need for a comfortable camping experience. These camping/expedition trailers have been more than a year in the making and the result is the ultimate in cool camping.


Each trailer is equipped with

  • Fridge/freezer

  • Recharging station Shower (with annex privacy tent)

  • Kitchen cupboard with utensils

  • Aluminium table

  • Chairs

  • Drawer system


Sand Sherpa leads camping trip participants through adventurous but achievable routes even for novice off-roaders .


You’ll be guided off-road every step of the way. Expert drivers will assist in adjusting tyre pressure (deflation and inflation) and providing driving tips where required.


Once at the campsite, your custom-built camping trailer awaits with everything you need to enjoy an exceptional night's stay in the wilderness. 

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