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Sand Sherpa is born from a passion for adventure and for this amazing region. It is a passion that we were compelled to share. We make the deserts, mountains and beaches of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia accessible for those who yearn for discovery but don’t have the knowledge, experience or equipment (yet!) to ensure that they venture into tough and difficult to navigate terrain, comfortably and safely. At a time when technology is overtaking our lives, we invite those seeking to reconnect with nature to enjoy the simple discovery of the incredible lands that surround us. We present an opportunity to reimagine what life is really about; to be surprised by the diversity of the places explored; to learn new skills, make new friends and experience time differently. Come and embrace the challenges presented by our courses and expeditions. Together we will overcome them and prepare you for a lifetime of new adventures.

Giving Back



Rob Nicholas

Rob Nicholas has lived in the UAE for 37 years, growing up in Dubai with the desert sands on his doorstep. His father taught him how to drive in the sand when he was 12 years old and he has been hooked on off-road exploration ever since. Adventure is in the family DNA and Rob’s brother Ed founded No Boundaries Oman - a world renowned fishing charter, that also operates adventure lodges in Southern Oman. Rob set-up Sand Sherpa recognising a gap in the market to provide accessible and safe adventure that includes some of the basic comforts of home. 


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Peter Bergh

Peter Bergh has lived in the UAE for 20 years and started his career as a field guide at the luxurious Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Pete followed his passion for the art of falconry and started up Sand Sherpa’s partner company, Royal Shaheen that provides bespoke guest interactions with birds of prey along with unique aerial demonstrations. The care and protection of the  desert and all the fauna and flora that make up this extremely fragile environment is something Pete feels very strongly about and these core values are passed on to participants of Sand Sherpa’s desert adventures.

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