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Please read the following conditions carefully as they contain important terms relating to your experience booked with Sand Sherpa.

  1. All Sand Sherpa experiences commence at the DDCR meeting point. The exact time will be confirmed the day before the experience. Late arrivals risk forfeiting their trip and may be considered a no-show. Refunds are not applicable for no-show participants.

  2. Guests booking transfer options will be picked up from their hotel/residence, starting from 2pm. The exact pick-up will be confirmed one day prior to the experience. Participants who fail to meet at the appointed time risk forfeiting their trip and may be considered a no-show.

  3. City transfers may be arranged on a sharing basis in a car, minibus or 4x4 at Sand Sherpa’s discretion.

  4. All children must be accompanied by at least one paying adult. Depending on their age, children may be required to be seated in booster seats or other child safety-accredited seating according to prevailing RTA regulations and the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

  5. Transfers from the DDCR entry to the camp may be on a shared vehicle basis. We operate ex-military vehicles, including a Pinzgauer 6x6 and Land Rover 101 troop carrier, as well as 4x4 vehicles. The ex-military vehicles feature side seating and canvas shade but are not air-conditioned.

  6. Participants are responsible for securing seat and lap belts while not stowing loose items where they could cause injury to themselves and other participants.

  7. Participants undertaking the experience in their own vehicles must abide by the rules and regulations of the reserve, these include but are not limited to:
    - Displaying the Sand Sherpa magnets at all times on both sides of the vehicle
    - Deflating tyres to 15 PSI when driving in the reserve
    - A lead and sweep vehicle are assigned to each convoy with not more than six customer vehicles in between. Participants must follow the radio instructions provided by staff in each of these vehicles who are responsible for the convoy and journey to and from camp
    - Keeping radios provided by Sand Sherpa at a volume level all participants inside the vehicle can hear
    - Avoiding radio chatter except to answer commands of the Sherpa guides and to alert the guides and other participants in case of encountering any difficulty during the drive
    - Observing a speed limit of not more than 40 kilometres per hour
    - Maintaining the trajectory of the vehicles in front and not deviating from set vehicle tracks even when correcting/reversing from being bogged down on slopes and obstacles. Participants must raise an alert and then await instructions from the guide in these situations
    - Not stopping unless under instruction
    - Not getting out of vehicles unless under instruction
    - Following the parking demarcations in designated camping locations and not manoeuvring vehicles until the convoy departs and following a lead guide
    - Returning Sand Sherpa magnets and radios at the end of the experience
    - Inflating tyres at designated bays at the end of the experience


  8. Participants driving their own vehicles are fully responsible for ensuring that their insurance covers off-road driving and fully indemnifies Sand Sherpa against any damage or loss of vehicle during the experience. Off-road driving can be dangerous and full assumption of risk is borne by the driver and passengers of customer vehicles. Sand Sherpa is not responsible for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death to participants and their belongings under any circumstances.

  9. Sand Sherpa prohibits smoking inside vehicles belonging to the company and has a no-littering policy. Cigarette butts and litter are to be disposed of in bins and not left in the sand.

  10. No pets/domestic animals are permitted within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

  11. While Sand Sherpa has taken all the necessary precautions to provide our guests with a safe experience, participants accept that off-road driving can be dangerous. Participation in the activities we offer within the reserve is at the sole discretion of our guests, with the full knowledge of the inherent risks. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Sand Sherpa is not responsible for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death to participants under any circumstances.

  12. Our experiences take place in a nature reserve, where wildlife roams freely. Participants are advised to wear closed shoes at all times and to always be aware of their surroundings and act cautiously. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Sand Sherpa is not responsible for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death arising from failure to comply with these safety instructions and warnings.

  13. Sand Sherpa reserves the right to refuse participation in the event if the participant is deemed to be unprepared or is not cooperative with instruction and/or feedback. If a Sherpa guide requires a guest to leave the experience, no refunds will be offered, and the guest will be responsible for their own travel arrangements from the DDCR gate.

  14. Our experiences are active and most require a reasonable level of fitness. Participants will be required to walk across the dunes to the main camp area or while choosing to join the group on evening scavenger hunts and morning hawk walks. Furthermore, rooftop tents can only be accessed by ladder.

  15. Participants who are or may be pregnant, or are suffering from back or leg problems, must advise Sand Sherpa in advance to arrange alternative tented accommodation at ground level.

  16. Bathroom facilities are shared and available a short walk away from most camping locations. If proximity to these facilities is required, please advise Sand Sherpa at the time of booking.

  17. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Sand Sherpa is not responsible for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death arising from failure to advise us of their condition, or improper use of our equipment and facilities onsite, or failure to follow safety instructions and warnings.

  18. Camping location assignments will be made at the camp leader’s discretion. These locations are assigned before the experience and participants must follow the instruction of Sand Sherpa staff. Should proximity be required to others booking in your group, please advise Sand Sherpa at the time of booking as locations will already be assigned by the day of your scheduled camp and amendments may not be possible.

  19. Participants agree to take care of their personal belongings. Sand Sherpa is not responsible for any loss of or damage to personal items. Any possessions left behind and found by Sand Sherpa staff must be claimed within a period of one month, after which they may be disposed of responsibly.

  20. Sand Sherpa serves pizzas and burgers for dinner, while croissants are available for breakfast, with options available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We do not cater for specific dietary requirements and restrictions, including, but not limited to, gluten and dairy restrictions.

  21. Participants with dietary restrictions or considerations are advised to bring their own food, which they will be required to prepare themselves on their individual grills. Guides only cook and prepare standard menu items on the common grills and cannot prepare special orders consisting of food brought by customers.

  22. In case of inclement weather, Sand Sherpa reserves the right to reassign the date of the experience or omit any part of the activities offered at Sherpa Camp. This is also applicable in case of delays or cancellations that may arise from factors beyond our control, such as the weather, accidents, government restrictions and other force majeure events. Refunds will be given at our discretion.

  23. Due to civil aviation restrictions currently in force, as well as falconry demonstrations that take place at camp, the use of drones is not permitted. Drones may only be permitted under special circumstances with prior written approval from Sand Sherpa and the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority.

  24. Participants consent to photos and videos being taken by the Sand Sherpa team or by other participants during the experience. Sand Sherpa reserves the right to use this content in marketing and promotional materials, including, but not limited to, social media channels and websites, without obtaining any further approval from you or providing compensation.

  25. Any services purchased from Sand Sherpa are non-transferable and cannot be sold, encashed or given away, nor can these services be used for commercial or promotional purposes, without our express permission.



  1. Bookings, once processed, cannot be cancelled.

  2. Experience dates can be amended by getting in touch with our team at least 72 hours before the booking and for one postponement time only.

  3. No refund will be made in case of cancellations or no-shows. Sand Sherpa has very limited inventory and availability, and camps operate only for six months of the year. Late cancellations and no-shows affect the viability of our business and we appreciate your understanding.


By purchasing our experience or making a booking that entitles you and your guests to participate in our activities, you consent to and accept these Terms & Conditions.

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