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Onboard with the new Adventure

Rob and Pete give their brand spanking new Toyota Hilux Adventures a shakedown!

We may not be Top Gear, but Pete and I had a blast reviewing our new Toyota Hilux Adventures earlier this month. And if I look a bit red at the end of the video, that’s because it was 43-degrees by the time we finished, despite the 05.30 departure!

Choosing a vehicle for our new self-drive experiences was no easy task. Sand Sherpa is all about camping and driving using the very best equipment and we wanted something we could rely on, was powerful enough for the dunes, comfortable enough for our adventurers and also something we can use for our overlanding trips to Oman and Saudi (watch this space!)

A pick-up is ideal as we can introduce canopies like we have on our trailers to mount the roof tents and pile in more cargo. Typical truck beds are spacious but limited in height. Adding on a top more than doubles the available height and stowage capacity.

The Hilux doesn’t tick every box, but it ticked more than any other vehicle and we started off with two of them before making a decision on buying another two. This video is of our shakedown and we took a decision at the end of it on our next investment!

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