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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve unveils new Visitor Centre

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Be the first to experience the new DDCR Visitor Centre with Sand Sherpa

On October 4, 2023, Sand Sherpa had the amazing opportunity to check out the new DDCR Visitor Centre that opened its doors on World Animal Day – and we were the first through the doors. Offering an immersive introduction to the indigenous flora and fauna found in the UAE’s first National Park, the centre features carefully curated content to foster an appreciation for Dubai’s wildlife and nature.

View our quick tour with the head of DDCR, Gerhard Erasmus.

Visitors to the DDCR can learn about the reserve, its key milestones from its inception in 1999 till date and its work to conserve this fragile ecosystem in the desert. Across five distinct areas, guests will be able to discover the habits of the Arabian oryx, the elusive Arabian fox and other creatures spotted in the nature reserve, including real-life specimens. Cultural elements closely linked to the UAE’s desert heritage, such as falconry, date farming and camel farming, are also featured as part of the DDCR’s history.

As an educational partner of the reserve, Sand Sherpa will bring in families, schools and corporate groups this coming season.

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