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Crossing the sandscape

Crossing the sandscape

I joined our head of driving experiences, Fraser Martin, on a Sherpa Discovery experience last weekend. It was great to see how participants responded to his style of leading participants through various challenges as they gained confidence throughout the day.

From explaining how to cross the sandscape with optimum traction (light on the throttle and coming off it to allow the terrain to play its part in deceleration); to dune descents (starting moderately and building up to steeper slopes) and then various ascents; before making their way through more demanding routes, through and over the dunes.

We are helped by the favorable conditions at the moment, having both glorious weather and firmer sands after recent rainfall. The participants barely needed to deflate their tyres and I think I was the one who let the most air out - but then I do only have 180bhp and almost a three ton Defender to cross the terrain with!

We have had a lot of requests for the beginner experiences in the last couple of weeks. It is also amazing to see the variety of vehicles that our customers want to bring along. From Ford Expeditions to Dodge RAM Rebels and LR4s to F150s. All are suitable to take you into the wilderness of the UAE and it is just a case of picking the right route through the terrain to suit both the conditions and the vehicle.

We only have a couple of months of the season left and I saw a weather report today that expects a 10-degree temperature rise next week! Time to pack the hat and the sunblock on your next trip!

Yours in adventure,


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