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A Perfect Season

We had an amazing first season at Sand Sherpa with most weekends being fully booked by keen adventurers. Pete and I don't quite know what to do with ourselves now when Friday comes around!

Hopefully the summer heat will pass quickly and a new season will be upon us before we know it. We are now in the planning and preparation phase for a bigger and better season two, with some exciting things in store for you. Stay tuned to learn more as it is still a little premature for the reveals.

The last few weeks of camp were busy with guests and animals, with more ticks appearing on our wildlife sheets than ever before. Our neighbour, Mr. Fox became a regular visitor and was spotted by most guests, while the new feeding station just before our off-road route was popular with oryx and gazelle, including the fawns from spring that had started to lose their newborn coats.

The heat and our slightly later start in the day also seemed to bring out more reptiles and we saw many monitor lizards and sandfish on our drives.

The Sand Sherpa trailers have now been moved off-site for the summer and we are giving them some TLC ahead of next season, as well as some minor upgrades. We learned a lot about solar power and requirements for our fridges etc. during the season and our original trailers will be beefed up for more energy and less maintenance, as we expect a very busy period from October.

Our mission at Sand Sherpa is to share our love of the natural environment and foster the same passion in our guests as they gain confidence to explore the desert sands. We welcomed and guided over 20 nationalities and more than 500 families in our first season, many of whom left us as friends and came back as repeat adventurers - either on camp or on our desert driving courses. That was the most rewarding part of our work.

We filmed some nice videos and promos during the season and one of our last camps saw Pete and I do some walk arounds and explanations of our camp and kit. For a final glimpse of the season, please check out our latest videos here. Thanks to my sister-in-law Leanne for the cool footage and edits!

Have a fantastic summer and see you all soon,


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