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We lead you across the Wahiba sands over the course of a five-day expedition that ends with a camp on a secluded beach

Day one: Road drive and wadi camp

Day two: Crossing the Wahiba sands and desert camp

Day three: Crossing the Wahiba sands and beach camp

Day four: Road drive and wadi camp

Day five: Road drive and return to Dubai


Depending on the requirements of our different groups, we can suggest various destinations in Oman. From spots near Muscat that combine a hotel stay, to multi-day camping trips into Salalah in the far south of the country

Groups can also be referred to our partner company, No Boundaries Oman, that operates Fishing Lodges in Shwaymiyah. These itineraries are a small sample of all the options available in Oman.

Consult with us and we can offer suggestions on various adventures, routes and activities throughout the country

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